Alex at Selby District Council

"My favourite aspect of the ngdp is the wide variety of work you can get involved with. Each placement is different but ultimately gets to the heart of what local government is all about; making a difference to the lives of the residents and communities you serve."

Alex at Selby District Council

Working at Selby District Council.

Studied History at University College London (MA) and the University of Manchester (BA).

Advice? One piece of advice I would give to applicants is to think about what really motivates them to apply to this scheme. What is it about local government that excites them, and how can they help change local government for the better.

How have you changed? I feel more confident in my ability to lead and manage. The development opportunities provided by programme are fantastic and are a big part of what makes the ngdp so great.

Favourite projects? Being part of the team that planned and successfully delivered the EU Referendum. Such a high profile event required an enormous amount of teamwork. I found interacting with the residents of Selby District to be both enjoyable and exciting.

What about your development? There is so much support for the ngdp at my Council. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to take on placements and projects across my organisation – an opportunity that very few people in local government get to experience, which has really accelerated my development.

The learning residentials you go on as part of the programme are both educational and inspiring. They really help you to develop and enhance the skills needed to lead and manage in local government during increasingly challenging times. The guest speakers and workshop facilitators are excellent. In addition, being among like-minded people who come from various parts of the country is quite rewarding. Exchanging ideas and discussing experiences is just fantastic.