Lib Dems in local government pay tribute to Sir Trevor Jones

Commenting on the very sad news about the death of Sir Trevor Jones, Cllr Richard Kemp, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Liverpool City Council and Community Well Being Spokesperson for the LGA Liberal Democrat Group said:

"Sir Trevor Jones died late last night in hospital in Chester. He was an inspiration to a generation (and more) of Liberal and then Liberal Democrat activists after he saved the Party from a near death experience in the 1970 General Election. This Welsh descended scouser linked his deep liberal traditions and principles to the marketing techniques which had led him from being a seaman to owning the biggest and oldest ships chandlers in Liverpool.

"He was the second Liberal Councillor in Liverpool and worked with Cyril Carr to take control of the Council in 1973. It was the first major council to be Liberal controlled for more than 40 years.

"He was awarded a Knighthood and the title which he loved most "Jones the Vote" after leading campaigns throughout the Country including by-election wins in Sutton, Berwick, Ripon and Isle of Ely.

"His brand of community politics and politics in the community is still successfully followed by Lib Dems and occasionally imitated by the other Parties. As a "Jones boy" myself I have so many stories I could tell of him, his manner in the council and his generosity of spirit.

"I am delighted that before he died he saw the final version of a booklet about Liberal leadership in Liverpool which I will now launch in his honour at our Party Conference later this month. His words and his actions still inspire me and many of my generation.

"His spirit lives on in our Party. Our thoughts are with his family and especially his wife, former Lord Mayor Lady Doreen Jones."


9 September 2016