Business rates plan needs to go further say LGA Lib Dems

Commenting on today's announcement from George Osborne that local authorities will be able to keep 100 per cent of all business rates without sending it to Whitehall first of all, Cllr Gerald Vernon Jackson, Lib Dem Group Leader at the Local Government Association, said:

"It was Liberal Democrats in Government that pushed for a review of business rates and we as a party have long campaigned for power to be returned to local communities. So this is a step forward for local democracy. But we will want to ensure that areas less likely to see a growth in business rates are not left behind with these reforms.

"But the Chancellor has also announced an Infrastructure Tax which only an elected City Mayor will be able to levy. So outside these areas, local authorities who decide that they need to invest in new infrastructure would be powerless to act. Once again, the Chancellor's obsession with mayors is leaving other local communities to drive their economies with one hand tied behind their back".

6 October 2015