Lib Dems welcome ban on revenge evictions

Today, revenge evictions have been outlawed after a long campaign by the Liberal Democrats. This news has been heralded by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and Liberal Democrat Councillors who had long campaigned for the change in the law.

The law, which was passed in March as part of the Deregulation Bill, will make any eviction invalid where the tenant has made a complaint about housing conditions that the landlord did not respond to adequately. Where a landlord gives notice seeking possession through a 'Section 21 notice' following a complaint about the condition of their home, it will no longer be possible to evict that tenant and a court must strike out any attempt to evict under those circumstances.

Previously 200,000 renters faced this type of 'revenge' eviction every year, according to research by Shelter.

Tim Farron said:

"This is significant news for renters and the majority of landlords who, like most of the population, are angered by the completely unacceptable practises a minority of rogue landlords. We must not tolerate this as a society - everyone deserves to have a safe place to live and evicting a family because they've asked for an electricity, gas or environmental hazard to be addressed is outrageous. Evictions are extremely disruptive for families and can set children back in their education, and parents in their jobs, for months or even years.

"I would also like to praise former Lib Dem MPs Sarah Teather and Stephen Williams for all their efforts in this area. I would encourage everyone who rents to find out what their rights are, so that they don't have to live in fear of eviction."

Notes to Editors

More than 200,000 renters currently face this type of 'revenge' eviction every year, according to research by Shelter. The figures were based on the findings of a YouGov poll of 4,500 private renters. 

The bill was previously proposed by Sarah Teather and Tim Farron in November 2014 as a Private Members Bill but two Conservative MPs, Philip Davies and Christopher Chope, talk the bill out of parliament. In December 2014 the Liberal Democrat front bench proposed amendments in the House of Lords which were successfully incorporated into law.

5 October 2015