Archived press release: Council Tax referendum threshold

Commenting on plans that councils may be made to hold costly referendums on council tax levels by central government, Cllr Gerald Vernon Jackson said: "Forcing all councils to hold costly referendums in order to avoid another real terms cut in their income not only flies in the face of localism but given the evidence coming from some councils on their budgets is actually extremely reckless.

"Lib Dems in local government recognise the strain that many family budgets are under, despite the improving economic outlook and that is why they have always strived to freeze council tax wherever possible.

"However there are some councils whose ability to provide services to their most vulnerable residents is being called into question, there must therefore be the flexibility to at least keep the contribution from local residents in line with inflation.

"This extra squeeze on some of the most essential local services is not worth the general election soundbite that the Conservatives are after."

9 November 2016