Archived press release: The First 100 Days

It has been a busy time for the LGA Liberal Democrat Group, with the LGA conference following on from last month's Lib Dem Local Government Conference in Milton Keynes.

We have always been proud of the Lib Dem commitment to community politics and the message from our group meetings was clear: Local democracy and local councillors matter.

Our meetings were very productive with Lib Dem councillors feeding in ideas that they want to see included in next year's manifesto and the role that they can play in the next 12 months. A big "thank you" from me to all who attended, and we were pleased to be joined by LGA Vice Presidents Tim Farron MP and Annette Brooke MP at our group dinner so they can take those messages back to Westminster.

Many ideas in the LGA "First 100 Days" campaign are also long standing Liberal Democrat demands – every child to have a place at a good local school, under local democratic accountability; cutting unemployment and integrating health and social care to give more power to service users to name just three.

So whatever the composition of the next Government, Liberal Democrat Councillors will be looking forward to campaigning for these policies on the doorstep, at our party conference and when working with parliamentarians.

Gerald Vernon Jackson
Leader, LGA Liberal Democrat Group

9 November 2016