Archived press release: End Whitehall's Stodgy Thinking

Following the announcement of the invitation to a further 20 areas to bid for a City Deal, Cllr Gerald Vernon Jackson, Liberal Democrat Group Leader at the LGA said: "City Deals are exactly the sort of power shift Lib Dems have been calling for for years - and I'm very grateful to Nick for driving them through. They make economic sense and they're based on common sense.

"Like Nick, I too would like to see a city deal for every area that can make one work.

"We've got to drive out this old-fashioned way of thinking where Whitehall calls the shots. Our towns and cities are best placed to know how to drive their local economies - not someone based in Westminster who's hardly stepped foot in the place.

"Only last week we saw the introduction of a Bill - the Growth & Infrastructure Bill that would let the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government take powers away from councils. Nick needs to get the rest of government behind this drive to decentralisation and fight the fusty, paper-shuffling, stodgy thinking in government departments that's holding us back."

9 November 2016