Archived press release: Local Lib Dems respond to settlement

"It would have been a lot worse if it hadn't been for the Lib Dems in government.

"We've fought hard to bring more fairness to all this – more equal funding for school children, the safety net for deprived areas and a reprieve from a further 1% cut next year (which would be on top of the current 28 per cent cut to the sector).

"Councils are delivering massive savings for Britain to ease the pain of the deficit. Most councils are doing their best to make savings by cuts in bureaucracy rather than to services that residents value most – a point not always recognised by the Secretary of State. However, David Cameron has correctly said councils are ‘the most efficient part of the public sector'.

"Nationally Labour aren't offering any alternative to these cuts and we hear locally they're salting the wounds of the cuts by slicing much valued services and not taking funds available from government and indeed adding to council expenditure through specific policies.

"The Liberal Democrats have worked hard to make these cuts fairer – we urge councils of all parties to follow their lead in working constructively with government to tackle the deficit in a fair way. "It is important that the government clarify as a matter of urgency their plans for public health and social care funding".

9 November 2016