Fighting crime locally

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10 September 2012

The ‘tough' option to combat crime is working hard to prevent it happening in the first place, and when it does to look at different ways that can support more traditional approaches to justice.

We sometimes hear from our opponents that the Lib Dems are not tough enough on crime. But we have shown at all levels of government and parts of the country that in fact the opposite is true.

As well as speaking for the LGA Lib Dem Group on Police and Crime Panels, we lead on tackling Anti Social Behaviour, Restorative Justice and Community Panels. Labour and Conservatives like to think that the way to fight crime is to sound ‘tough' - then sit back and do nothing. We are taking action. Be it working with the community to find local solutions to fighting crime such as Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Community Justice Panels or working with other groups such as businesses, the NHS or Housing Associations, this booklet is full of good ideas to make our communities safer places to live.


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10 January 2014