COVID-19: political leadership webinars for councillors

LGA webinars to support councillors in responding to coronavirus.

The role of the ward councillor in responding to the COVID-19 crisis 

This two-part webinar, published on 18 May 2020, includes an introduction from Cllr Simon Blackburn, the leader of Blackpool Council and Chair of the LGA’s Safer and Stronger Communities Board. The content is presented by Andy Fry OBE, a former local government corporate director and chief fire officer.  Andy has delivered the LGA’s Emergency Planning Masterclass for councillors since 2018. 

Part 1: the emergency management cycle and council responsibilities, the role of officers and building and maintaining trust in your community

Part 2: the role of senior councillors, and a detailed look at the role of the ward councillor

The importance of opposition leadership and what effective opposition looks like during the COVID-19 crisis 

This two-part webinar, published on 01 June 2020, is presented by Dr Stephanie Snape, a local government specialist, having spent thirty three years in the 'world of local government'; working first as a local government officer, then over two decades as a local government academic. Stephanie has worked as a facilitator on the LGA's Leadership Academy for seventeen years. 

Part 1: The importance of opposition leadership during COVID-19

Part 2: What effective opposition looks like

Rapid Innovation

Council leaders with a democratic responsibility for place leadership, have a particular role to play in encouraging and supporting rapid innovation and change. This webinar, published on 15 June 2020, provides an opportunity to explore both the theory and practice as to how to lead councils response to these challenges. This webinar is presented by Manny Gatt, co-founder and Managing Director of Shared Service Architecture Ltd, a teaching company providing training programmes in Collaborative Leadership and Shared Services.

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