Coronavirus: information for councils

Useful information for councils on novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

On these pages, you will find guidance and resources from the LGA and our key partners, as well as the latest official Government information relevant to local government.

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LGA COVID-19 support offer

A summary of our current refocused support offer.

Leadership development
The scale of the challenge that councils are currently facing requires strong, responsive and resilient leadership. We are refocusing our leadership offer so that senior councillors and officers have access to e-learning resources and the ability to share their experiences with their peers.

Visit our e-learning platform

Latest LGA news releases and parliamentary briefings

Our latest media lines related to coronavirus.

Our latest parliamentary briefings and responses related to coronavirus.

Latest COVID-19 related publications

A councillor’s workbook on effective opposition during COVID-19, reset and recovery

The impact of COVID-19 on culture, leisure tourism and sport

Fiscal devolution: adopting an international approach

Changes to local authority powers and duties covering special educational needs, planning and road traffic orders resulting from Coronavirus Regulations 2020

Councillor guidance: COVID-19 reset and recovery

Councillor workbook on creating mentally healthy places 

Managing the wellbeing of furloughed staff during the COVID-19 pandemic

Loneliness, social isolation and COVID-19: practical advice

Changes to local authority powers and duties resulting from the Coronavirus Act

COVID-19: a leadership workbook for cabinet members

Councillor guidance on emergency response structures

Key questions and issues for finance portfolio holders during the COVID-19 pandemic

Councillor guidance: COVID-19 outbreak

Protecting vulnerable people during the COVID-19 outbreak

Tackling domestic abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic

More publications

COVID-19 cases data from LG Inform

Local authority report  showing the number and rates of all confirmed COVID-19 cases by authority, compared to others

England overview report showing the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths across England as a whole, and the top ten councils for number and rate of cases

Weekly deaths report providing a summary of Office for National Statistics (ONS) weekly deaths data

Care homes report focusing on deaths in care homes in particular

Vulnerable groups report providing estimates of local authority populations likely to be vulnerable to COVID-19

Area characteristics report comparing case rates across all local authorities to other factors at a local area level, such as deprivation.

Government information and support
Upcoming COVID-19 virtual events

The Invisible Children - babies born during COVID-19 | 16 June 2020

Tackling COVID-19: lessons from Europe and internationally | 17 June 2020

Decarbonising transport after the COVID-19 crisis | 18 June 2020

Creating more inclusive local economies post COVID-19 | 24 June 2020

LGA Annual Conference webinars | 30 June - 8 July 2020

Information and guidance for councils

There is not a single area of local government that is not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for updated information and support on how to tackle the 'new normal' is understandably great. To help you navigate the situation, we have split our COVID-19 hub into four different areas, so you can easily find the information you need.

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