NHS collaborative peer support offer for local systems

This page outlines a new peer support offer from the LGA, NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) and the NHS Confederation. Jointly, our four organisations represent and bring together local commissioners, providers of NHS care and local authorities giving us unique credibility and authority as a partnership.

What is the peer support offer?

There are three levels of support we can offer your local system including workshops, peer mentoring and peer review. These are based on leadership improvement approaches used within local government, developed by the LGA. We can also provide bespoke support to meet local needs.

The peer support we offer, which is free for members, aims to help system partners to forge new collaborative relationships, build shared understanding and agree next steps. Our support is based on using senior, experienced and credible peers who either work within the NHS and social care organisations or have very recent experience of leading and supporting local system working.

See below to find out more about each aspect of the offer and how we could help your local system.

Peer support for local systems: presentation

Covid-19 update

The Peer Support Offer has been revised to reflect that if there are any systems who would like to have a review of developments over the recent past including their system’s response to covid-19 the Peer Support Offer from NHS Confed, NHS Providers, NHS Clinical Commissioners and the LGA is available to set up and run these virtually.

This is an amendment to the standing offer of workshops, mentoring or peer review and remains free to systems.

We feel that central to this offer is the opportunity to talk through the strengths and the challenges experienced by a system and the key players in it during covid-19 with a small team of one’s peers in a confidential and supportive environment.

If interested please do contact: Marcus Coulson, Programme Manager, LGA on Tel: 07766 252 853 or email: chip@local.gov.uk

Peer support workshops

Our peer support workshops will enable you to identify where you are now and what more you need to do to escalate the scale and pace of integration. Our approach can be adapted to work with a range of complex situations, across diverse organisational structures or multiple planning and commissioning footprints. We usually run half day workshops facilitated by senior figures in health, local government and social care, with follow up as required.

We run three workshops:

1. Integrated leadership tool (ILT): enabling local health and wellbeing system leaders to identify their ambitions, capacity, capability and commitment to make meaningful progress towards achieving a fully integrated local health and care system.

2. When worlds collide – for health leaders: designed to further mutual understanding and effective engagement for place-based leaders in care, health and wellbeing. Focused on the NHS or local government, it explores organisational differences to help leaders in other parts of the system understand the context in which their colleagues work.

3. When worlds collide – for local government leaders: focused on bringing politicians and officers from local authorities together to discuss their offer to the local system and working with both local government and health partners in a locality to identify their shared priorities.

By the end of the workshops participants will:

  • understand the structure of local government and its role in delivering wider public services
  • gauge a politician’s perspective of the environment in which they operate and how this influences local policy and decision making
  • consider the implications of these for fostering effective working relationships with local government leaders
  • discover how to influence this in the future.

Bespoke workshops

We also offer bespoke workshops, delivered in-house, with system leadership teams where there is a lack of consensus about next steps. We can deliver a series of sessions to help local system leaders to come to a shared understanding of the issues facing their system, and tailor follow up sessions as required.

How to book a workshop or for more information contact:

Marcus Coulson, Programme Manager – Peer Support for Local Systems NHS Providers and the Local Government Association

07766 252 853 | chip@local.gov.uk

Peer mentoring

Mentoring is a great way to explore the issues you can’t easily discuss with colleagues, to reflect on difficult decisions and to get a different perspective. We can match system leaders with senior peer mentors with first hand experience of system working for one-to-one, confidential support.

Peer mentoring is traditionally a one-to-one non-judgemental relationship in which an individual (mentor) voluntarily gives time to support and encourage another (mentee). Peer mentors provide advice and guidance for those who require their support.

What impact can mentoring have?

  • improve self -esteem and confidence
  • develop communication skills and problem solving skills
  • provide a space away from your team to discuss current challenges.

To find out more please contact:

Marcus CoulsonProgramme Manager – Peer Support for Local Systems NHS Providers and the Local Government Association

07766 252 853 | chip@local.gov.uk

Peer review for local systems

Peer review is a robust and effective improvement tool led by the sector, for the sector. It involves a team of trained peers, including current or former NHS and local authority chief executives, spending between two and four days with your key leaders. Focused on reflection and learning, rather than inspection and assurance, it provides both support and challenge in a confidential setting.

Our expert peers will help you develop a more objective perspective on your strengths and weaknesses as a system and allow you to focus on what you need to do differently to deliver on your shared priorities and ambitions.

We have also developed a peer-to-peer review model where senior representatives from two systems come together over a day and a half to compare their vision, priorities, successes and challenges. The aim is to share these with experienced colleagues in a safe space to gain a different perspective and new ideas about how to solve common problems. Both peer reviews are suitable for partnerships where relationships need to be consolidated, rather than those at the very earliest stages of maturity.

What will you gain?

  • A fresh perspective from expert, trained NHS and local government peers with first-hand experience of system working
  • Constructive feedback and recommendations on what you can do to drive improvement
  • Follow up support from expert peers if requested.

To find out more please contact:

Marcus Coulson, Programme Manager – Peer Support for Local Systems NHS Providers and the Local Government Association

07766 252 853 | chip@local.gov.uk