Rt Hon Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor and Cllr Richard Kemp, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Local Government will jointly launch a Lib Dem guide to practical action in the recession at a press conference on Thursday 5th March.


Vince Cable will say, “Since we are dealing with big global developments it is tempting to be fatalistic and believe that nothing can be done at a local level. With unemployment expected to rise from two to three million this year and repossession expected to double to 75,000 there will be considerable hardship. There is considerable focus on the role which local councils can play in mitigating the damage”.


Cllr Kemp will say, “This booklet shows how Lib Dem controlled or led councils are taking the lead in refocusing their energies from bureaucratic internal practices to delivery of real services in times of great stress in your urban areas. With innovative ideas in Local Banking and Finance, Economic Development, Environment, Housing and care of especially vulnerable groups the Party is showing that we can provide strong community leadership for some of the most deprived communities in the UK”.




Editors note.


The Press Conference will be held at LGA House, Smith Square, London SW1  on Thursday (5th March) at 10.00 a.m.


A PDF copy of the publication can be obtained by clicking this link.


Hard copies will be available at the Press Conference. Further details from Rob Banks at 0207 664 3204 or Councillor Richard Kemp on 07885 626913